One shirt can conjure up memories of a beach walk with your bikini on, a sunny autumn morning, a board meeting, lunch out with the girls, or a romantic date night under the stars. Having worn it since time immemorial, it evokes moments of leisure and represents the feminine strength embodied by women, and is the most classic outfit you can possess.

There is no such thing as enough of a fine quality shirt, it displays one's personality in multiple ways, a seamless fit, bathing your silhouette in flawless material, is an impeccable statement, a statement of value over quantity, a statement of character with no room for compromise.

Classic basic crafting starts when every weave comes together for the material, sustainable vegan bamboo silk with natural UPF 50+ properties, that feels like silk feathers brushing across your skin every second, the cooling effect of bamboo, reducing your body temperature and our SWISS patented UPF 50+ protecting you from all the harmful ultraviolet radiation(recommended by melanoma institute) and that is just our material, then comes to the helmsmen local individual tailors that we support through our initiative to not use factories and support local craftsmen each shirt is sewn by hand, with love passion and love for the craft. A classic basic shirt is a labor of love for the planet, future generations and to save and prioritize human craft. Classic basics shirts are hand-made Organic fabrics, with love.